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The Way We Fall (Fallen World #1) by Megan Crewe


It starts with an itch you just can’t shake. Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat. A few days later, you’ll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they’re old friends. Three more, and the paranoid hallucinations kick in. 

And then you’re dead.

When sixteen-year-old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again. But then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike. As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island: no one can leave, and no one can come back.

Those still healthy must fight for the island’s dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival. As everything familiar comes crashing down, Kaelyn joins forces with a former rival and discovers a new love in the midst of heartbreak. When the virus starts to rob her of friends and family, she clings to the belief that there must be a way to save the people she holds dearest.

Because how will she go on if there isn’t?


One of the never ending obsessions that I will always, always have are apocalyptic stories. And from all the world ending scenarios, the killing virus has always been one of my favorites (rivaling with zombie stories probably ^_^). Therefore, the moment I read the description of The Way We Fall, it instantly became a must read. And even if I only rated it with 3 stars, because of some negative aspects that I’ll cover later, overall, I loved reading it.

I haven’t check other reviews yet, but I’m guessing it’s very possible for a lot of people to be disappointed by this book. Contrary to what you might expect when it comes to an apocalyptic novel, The Way We Fall is not really a fast-paced story. The description sounds way more impressive or grand than the actual acts that are taking place in the world of Kaelyn.

Returning to live on an island with her family, the protagonist, a sixteen-year-old girl, has the usual teenager concerns: adapting to the new school, becoming a better person, making friends or getting out of her comfort zone. But what she doesn’t know is that soon, the so-called problems that she has are going to be a joke, compared to what’s coming next. Slowly, without any warnings, an epidemic infection starts making victims on the remote island. And all of a sudden, Kaelyn’s whole world shatters and all the people she loves and cherishes are falling victims of it, one after another. Being separated from the coast and isolated by the government, the survivors must find a way to discover a cure and in the same time, deal with the depletion of resources and with the rebellious groups determined to turn the disastrous situation into a living hell.

The absolute mind blowing fact is how casual and completely non-heroic the whole story is. Every single book or movie that treats the apocalyptic topic will have heroic characters that protect everyone around them, that keep their loved ones safe (and alive!) and manage to magically find the cure that will eventually save the world. But one question that’s always been in my mind is… if something like that would ever happen in reality, how ignorant would we be, how unprepared to deal with this and how easily would we all collapse? We are not heroes, we’d have no support from the governments that are probably incapable to deal with the chaos, we live in our protective glass bubbles that would suddenly explode into millions of pieces. Realistically speaking, we wouldn’t be able to save anybody, not ourselves, not our families or friends, much less the whole world. We’d literally be at the mercy of pure luck or faith, not able to do much except for maybe putting on a breathing mask, avoiding crowded places and some other small, irrelevant and probably useless safety measures.

And that, ladies and gents, that is exactly what happens in Megan Crewe’s novel! None of her characters is a hero. Not any of them is a former CIA, United Nations or FBI employee, to know what to do in case of disaster and to have higher connections that would save them. They are all regular people, with regular lives and with their hands tied up in front of the catastrophe they’re facing. So all they can do is help each other in modest ways, to organize themselves in the chaos surrounding them in order to get the feeling of a purpose, the illusion that they are doing something, whatever they can, however small that is, instead of just doing nothing and waiting to die.

I was surprised and I absolutely adored this new approach on the topic, it’s not something that I remember reading in any other books. The downside is that it doesn’t really offer a thrilling experience. There’s not a lot of action going on, there are very few pages that leave you breathless and craving for more. You can literally put the book down at any given time and then forget about it for several days. Of course you’ll still have a tingle of curiosity, but The Way We Fall is definitely not one of those reads that make you stay awake till 5AM in order to finish it.

There’s not much to say about the characters. They’re mostly colored in black and white, being either the good ones or the villains. Not a lot of substrate, not somebody you’d adore or hate from the bottom of your heart.

Of course, since it’s an YA book, there’s a love story developing and weirdly, it didn’t make me roll my eyes. I understand how, despite the catastrophic events (or actually because of them?), the surviving instincts would be accompanied by the need of fellowship and the feeling of belonging, in order to compete with the growing despair. Plus, there was nothing forced or exaggerated in the romance, no sudden Romeo and Juliet vibe, so the addition of the love story was welcomed.

If you’re ready for a slower and less impressive storyline than the usual end-of-the-world novels that you’re accustomed with, give it a shot. It’s definitely a fresh approach of the apocalyptic stories and if you’re not starting it with huge expectations, you might find yourself hooked on after the first few pages.

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Mai las-o moale cu fantomele / Fantomele ne stiu toate secretele – Megan Crewe

Disponibil la: Leda Books

Colectia: Fantasy Leda

Traducerea: Adrian Deliu

Numar pagini: 352



Singurii prieteni ai lui Cass McKenna, o fata de saisprezece ani, sunt cateva fantome: a surorii ei si a catorva fosti colegi de scoala. Fantomele nu sunt deloc complicate si poti avea incredere in ele. Mai mult decat atat, ele pot afla secretele compromitatoare ale celor din jur… iar lui Cass ii place sa stie totul despre colegii ei ingamfati. Insa cand Tim, vicepresedintele consiliului de elevi, descopera secretul lui Cass – acela ca poate sa comunice cu fantomele – situatia tinde sa se schimbe. El ii cere sprijinul ca sa intre in legatura cu mama lui, moarta de curand, iar ea, dupa indelungi ezitari, sfarseste prin a fi de acord. Pe masura ce-l cunoaste mai bine pe Tim, Cass are surpriza sa constate ca acesta nu este un baiat atat de rau precum crezuse ea pana atunci si ca, intr-adevar, avea mare nevoie de ajutorul ei. Sa fie aceasta cea mai buna ocazie sa se imprieteneasca din nou cu cei vii… ?

Parerea mea:

Aveam extrem de multe asteptari de la cartea aceasta! Mi se parea ca are un subiect foarte original, ce putea fi exploatat in atat de multe modalitati captivante incat ar fi imposibil sa nu fii pe deplin multumit in momentul in care ajungi la ultima pagina a cartii. Din pacate, am fost destul de dezamagita de modul in care autoarea a exploatat ideea aceea minunata de la care a pornit.

Cassie este o adolescenta ce ar putea fi catalogata drept un elev ce nu reuseste sa se integreze. Majoritatea colegilor de la scoala o evita pentru ca le stie cele mai murdare secrete si nu ezita sa ii puna fata in fata cu adevarurile pe care acestia ar prefera sa le ocoleasca. Modul prin care Cassie reuseste sa afle totul despre oamenii din scoala este apelarea la ajutorul prietenilor ei fantome. Fantome pe care a inceput sa le vada in urma cu 4 ani, cand a murit sora ei mai mare, Paige, care de atunci continua sa locuiasca impreuna cu ea. Intriga povestii incepe sa se dezvolte in momentul in care unul dintre cei mai populari colegi, Tim, ii cere ajutorul pentru a-si contacta mama si Cass decide sa il ajute.

Din pacate, de aici urmeaza doar o serie de evenimente care nu reusesc sa creeze atmosfera pe care o asteptam in momentul in care am inceput cartea. Principalele fire ale romanului sunt: salvarea lui Tim din depresia in care se adanceste periculos de mult, indeplinirea planurilor de razbunare impotriva fostei prietene care a tradat-o cu ani in urma si din cauza careia a devenit un fel de paria scolii, rezolvarea problemelor cu mama ei.

Mi s-a parut ca autoarea a creat un personaj principal aproape enervant. Cassie este plina de ura si resentimente fata de absolut toti cei din jurul ei, fie ca are sau nu un motiv intemeiat. Iar majoritatea actiunilor ei sunt conduse de aceste sentimente, din care rezulta si mare parte din problemele pe care le are. Incercarea de imprietenire cu Tim se impiedica mereu in respingerea instinctiva a protagonistei fata de oameni. Ura pentru fosta ei cea mai buna prietena dureaza de ani intregi si a impiedicat-o sa isi construiasca o adolescenta frumoasa. Resentimentele fata de mama sa au ridicat un zid pe care refuza sa il darame. Iar pe sora sa nu a iertat-o nici acum pentru niste lucruri lipsite de importanta si care sunt usor de inteles daca te gandesti la varsta pe care Paige o avea inainte sa moara. Nu spun ca personajele mentionate nu ar fi actionat gresit si ca neincrederea lui Cassie in oameni nu ar fi intrucatva justificata. Dar atitudinea protagonistei este cea care a amplificat fiecare aspect negativ si aceasta este perceputa extrem de usor din fiecare gand, cuvant sau gest al sau.

Bile albe:

– Mi-a placut mult de Paige, este usor sa te atasezi de ea, mai ales ca imbina intuitia si grija pentru sora ei cu o naivitate adorabila oferita de amintirile de scurta durata. De fapt, toate fantomele au fost portretizate frumos, fiind modelate dupa o schita comuna, dar avand fiecare o personalitate distincta.

Bile negre:

– Cred ca faptul ca nu mi-a placut nici personajul principal, nici felul in care se desfasoara actiunea sunt de ajuns pentru a nu mai scrie nimic altceva la aceasta categorie. Nu pot sa spun ca nu mi-a placut deloc sa citesc acest roman, dar imi imaginam in permanenta alte moduri in care ar fi putut evolua povestea.

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